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dreams without actions, you too are no different from a salted fish!

don't just dream. ACT now!

關於「想 + 立刻」
About Thinkaholic

周星馳話:「人沒有理想,同條鹹魚有什麼分別?」但我們加多一句:「齋諗唔做,同條鹹魚一樣冇分別!」所以與其空想,不如立刻 ─ 立刻去把理想付之於行動,起動大家的創業計劃!

Stephen Chow said "if we don't have any dream and goal, we'll be like a salted fish". But we'd rather say, "if we only dream and never act, it's just the same as a salted fish!" So, if we have good ideas, why don't we start our own ventures and realize our dreams?

「想 + 立刻」,她是一所共享工作空間,把傳統的三種工作模式 (家居,辦公室,咖啡店) 結合為一:

Thinkaholic is a serviced co-working space, a perfect combination of the three traditional styles of working - home, office and coffee shop:

Thinkaholic 想 + 立刻,她是一所共享工作空間,把傳統的三種工作模式 (家居,辦公室,咖啡店) 結合為一


集三種工作模式 ─ 家居,辦公室,咖啡店 ─ 的優點於一身,為一眾創業者,按不同需要,提供不同的理想工作地方:

1. 共享工作間:適合經常外出見客,不常留於辦公室的自由工作人及剛起步的創業者
2. 固定房間:適合兩至三人,生意初見規模,有自己小團隊的公司

此外我們還有會議室、活動場地、無線網絡、影印、儲物箱、24 x 7 開放空間、咖啡、飲品供應,一個準備妥當的工作空間成為行動的第一步;還有我們的團隊,由會計、網頁設計、手機應用、社交網絡營銷,以致商業顧問、業務推介,務求令創業由夢想變成事實...


Our Mission

Combining the advantages of all three traditional modes (home, office, coffee shop), Thinkaholic is an ideal place to meet different needs:

1. Co-working space – for start-uppers or freelancers who often need to meet clients outside
2. Fixed room – for a team of two to three persons, or small companies within an expanding phase

We also provide conference rooms, event space, Wi-Fi, photocopying, lockers, 24 x 7 open space, and drinks supply.

A ready-to-move-in work space is the first step of your action. Our team provide knowledge and services on accounting, website design, mobile app development, social network marketing, business consultation and promotion, making your dream of entrepreneurship come true.

常見問題 FAQ

Different Space, Different Services

Different solutions for different change-makers

Pay As You Start

1st hr HKD 30, then HKD 0.5 per min

PAYS Pay As You Start


Mon-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat/Sun/Holidays 1-9pm
● +852-3425-4496 +852-5118-4856 for booking
● Sign up with our staff
● First hr HKD 30, then HKD 0.5 per min
● Check out and pay to our staff

Hot Desk
HKD 2,699/M

24 hrs x 7 days, 2 hrs of meeting room...

Medium Usage for Entrepreneurs


● 24 hrs x 7 days with access card
● small meeting room for 2 hrs
● small locker
● business address
● hot desk and chair (depending on availability)
● free and first priority access to Thinkaholic events
● 100 pages of black-and-white printouts
● 50% off renting small/big meeting room

Event/Meeting Space

rooms, space for meetings, seminars and events

Event/Meeting Space


● small meeting room: HKD 300/hr
● large meeting room: HKD 1,000/hr
● event space: HKD 5,000/3-hr
more info...

Other services

address, locker, office room...

Other Co-working Space Services


● address: HKD 250/month
● address+locker: HKD 700/month
● address+locker+directory: HKD 1,000/month
● office room: HKD 14,999/month
● all users can enjoy:
- reception service Mon-Fri (non public holidays) 11:00-21:00
- high-speed Wi-Fi access
- free drinks/coffee

第一個小時 HKD 30

之後每分鐘 HKD 0.5

立刻起錶 PAYS Pay As You Start


● 星期一至五 11am-9pm,六/日/假期 1-9pm
● +852-3425-4496 +852-5118-4856 預留座位
● 當值人員會助你登記
● 收費簡單:首小時 HKD 30,之後每分鐘 HKD 0.5
● 離開時當值人員會助你結賬

每月 HKD 2,699

24小時 x 7日、2小時會議室使用...



● 憑咭 24 小時 x 7 日出入
● 2小時小型會議室使用
● 小型儲物箱
● 商業地址
● 流動辦公枱及辦公椅 (按空間使用情況)
● 免費及優先參與「Thinkaholic 想 + 立刻」舉辦之活動
● 100頁黑白影印/打印
● 5折租用大、小型會議室





● 小會議室:每小時 HKD 300
● 大會議室:每小時 HKD 1,000
● 大活動室:每3小時 HKD 5,000





● 地址:每月 HKD 250
● 地址+儲物箱:每月 HKD 700
● 地址+儲物箱+水牌:每月 HKD 1,000
● 辦公室房間:每月 HKD 14,999
● 所有空間使用者均可享用:
- 星期一至五 (非公眾假期) 11:00-21:00 前台服務
- 高速無線網絡
- 免費享用咖啡、飲品

聯絡我們 Contact Us

● +852-3425-4496    +852-5118-4856
● 香港銅鑼灣 駱克道491至499號 京都商業中心21樓B
21-B Kyoto Plaza, 491-499 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, HK

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